There are several settings supported by WPAutoRewriter, and we recommend you to go through those settings and enable to required options so you can get more accurate and expected results from the plugin. those settings are explained below.

General Settings

In this section of settings, the more recommended settings are listed. those are explained below.

  1. Exclude Title Words from the Post content Which will be rewritten -: Used if you want to avoid rewriting Title words included in the article body, helps in SEO if this option is selected so title words will come often into the article body.
  2. Rewrite the Title -: If this option is enabled, the script will rewrite the title as well with the article's body.
  3. Rewrite the Title only & Avoid Post Content to be Rewritten? -: Enable this option to deactivate article body content spinning. enable this if you want to rewrite the title only.
  4. Exclude the URL without Hyperlink from Rewriting? -: This avoids URLS from spinning, so references of other pages are safe.
  5. Rewrite links text as well -: This will rewrite the Link Text, the hyperlink will not be rewritten.
  6. Rewrite Text inside Quotes? i.e. Single [''] And Double [""] Quotes. -: If you have some quotes in your posts which you want to exclude from rewriting you can enable this option.
  7. Disable Rewriting for Manually Added Posts? -: Normally manually written posts are unique, so if you enable this option, only those posts which are created using feeds or plugins like NewsMakerPRO type of plugins will be rewritten.
  8. Disable the In-app Synonyms database? -: Use this option if you want to use Synonyms from 3rd party API configuration.
  9. Enable Automatic Rewriting? -: Use this option if you want to enable rewriting for all the content which you add into your website, includes manual and automatic posts.

Cron Settings [Optional For Advance Users only]

These settings are optional, WPAutoRewriter uses Wordpress Cron, but if you have default WordPress cron disabled and you use cPanel Cron for your websites then use these settings.